The Undercover Guest

What Does It Include?

On the day of your wedding you give us your phone, we take photos/videos interact with guests all day, at the end of the day... we give you your phone back, so the next day (or your wedding night) you can sit back and see everything from your big day that happened straight on your phone without you having to worry about a thing & theres no pressure on any of your guests to keep remembering to snap away!



If required we would begin with your prep, getting lots of behind the scenes often before your photography team arrive, lots of natural fun & giggles. Starting like this ensures you have memories from the full day, however we can just begin from the ceremony & arrival of guests if preffered.


The event

Throughout the ceremony we would require an aisle seat to ensure the best view, you can ask your coordinator to reserve this in advance, please rest assured we wont stick out in the middle of the aisle and obstruct any of your photographers images, through formals and drinks we blend in and grab all those bts moments for you to enjoy the very next day!


The meal

Often when the photographer has a break, we would continue, this is where we start the fun photos, with various techniques we will interact with your guests, do some entertainment & fun with them along with blending this into footage(but we wont reveal all our secrets online so copycats cant steal them) we also get all the speeches for you too


The party

Unlike photography we wont end shortly after first dance, there wont be expensive equipment set up so let the drinks flow, have fun, dress up silly in the photobooth, enjoy your shots, pull your best dance moves in the dance off & let us grab those memories or blackmail shots to cherish forever!


What times do you stART/Leave?

included within the package is 9am-9pm

additional times can be added at £20ph

do you require food?

to enable us to capture the full day we would need to be seated within your guests, whilst we dont require a full meal,some form of food would be required to enable us to be seated within the wedding, please contact us for more information

how do we book?

a contract along with £50 booking fee is required, and the remaining balance is due 3 months before the day

But what will i wear?

If you read that in the grinch voice we will get along just fine, jokes aside.

as an undercover guest, we would be dressed in wedding attire, weather you have a dress code or just normal attire we would be dress accordingly to blend in


The same day! its all captured on your own device, unless you would prefer us to use ours and theres an additional fee of £100

how many photos and videos will you take?

its impossible to say, there never an exact amount but rest assured your phone will be crammed with memories of your day!

What else is included?

in addition to all the information we also provide, photo games to interact with guests, video messages from guests, photocards for the tables.

if required we can also act as entertainment starters, we will work closely with you & your venue/ Dj to ensure the day has lots going on for kids & adults, we will discuss this in more depth at the questionnaire stage or please inquire to find out more on what we can do