What types of photography services do you offer?
We offer a wide range of photography services, including wedding photography, Videography & studio based photography
are you insured & do you use contracts
yes, we hold public liability insurance as well as full legal cover & equipment cover, certificate displayed in our studio & can be sent to your venue on request we wouldn't accept a booking without a signed contract these are a must
how much do you charge
please see investment section for pricing as we try offer a package for everyone's budget
can we have a second shooter
yes we supply these
How long does it take to receive the final edited photos?
We understand the anticipation of seeing your final photos. Our editing process typically takes 8 weeks, depending on the volume of images and the complexity of editing required. We prioritize quality and attention to detail to deliver exceptional images that exceed your expectations. In busy season this can take upto 10 weeks
how many images will we get
its impossible to give an exact number as each wedding is unique, we estimate an average of 400-600 for a full day however its often more
are there any extra fees?
travel may apply please ensure to include your full venues on contacting us there are no additional fees than this, all images are included in your gallery's watermark free
do you require food
we don't contract a meal, were happy to nip off to a shop for a sandwich, however a hot meal is always appreciated but never expected!
how do we book? can you pencil us in
unfortunately no booking is secure until booking fee(£250) and contract is received, final balances are due 3 months before the day
can we see more work?
of course, we welcome couples to make an appointment to view more of what we can do.
what equipment do you have
we use mirror-less camera body's (nikon) for photography & mirror-less camera body's (sony) for video. all along with prime lenses & godox flash systems
do we need 2 photographers
if you have over 100 guests a second is needed for assistance in covering the day if you want 2nd prep for your partner if you want alternate angles if you want guest reactions & guests candids through the day